A gateway towards our ability to feel

Where did the rituals go?
When will we see that we cannot do without rituals and ceremonies?
Will we be able to save our Mother Earth from going under?
Will we listen to the voice of our heart?

Shamanism brings us to our feeling, our feeling towards ourselves, our feeling towards other people, our feeling towards animals, plants, insects, but also towards stones, mountains, rivers and the wind.

Shamanism brings us in deep contact with our Mother Earth, but also with Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, and many, many other great powers.
To name one: The Great Spirit, the Only Creator of this reality, also referred to as the Great Mystery.
That power makes us and brakes us.
That power is responsible for all our being, all our lessons, all our sacrifices.

Sun Bear has been travelling round the world to make us see.
He has given us around the world the power of the Medicine Wheel, which heals not only us humans, but also our Mother, the planet we live on.
This Medicine Wheel is powerful medicine, it gives us the opportunity to contact a lot of specific natural powers of which we will hand out just a few.

In the middle of the circle we meet the Creator, who is surrounded by the sun, the moon and the earth, the specific planes on which creation is working.
There are four stones which form a circle with these three: air, fire, water and earth, the archetypes of our existence.

At the four corners of the wheel we meet the Spiritkeepers of the winds: North, East, South and West.
North is Waboose, the White Buffalo, which stands for winter, snow, new beginnings, the elders with snow upon their heads, but also of going inside, and meet our Creator.
East is Wabun, the Eagle, who brings us a new morning, springtime, the new plants, little children playing and seeing new things everywhere…
South is Shawnodese, the Coyote, who tricks us whenever we think everything is in order, who stands for summer and afternoon, and the power of life in full growth. The adolescent finds his place here.
West is Mudjekeewin, the Great Grizzly bear, the evening, the fall, harvest time, and the time where we find the atmost energy of the great bear.

Between these Spiritkeepers we find twelve moons, all equivalent with the star signs of the astrology, but each with a surplus because of their Indian background.
Find out about the animals in the star signs as we know them, with their particularly habits and ways of going about.

The pathways from the Spiritkeepers to the inner circle of seven is marked with three qualities each, like love, and transformation, and truth.
As these powers reveal themselves to us, we become aware of their true essence and their fundamental lessons.

This wheel is set up in a great ritual.
With a beautiful ceremony.
It is done by people who have never done anything like this before, but who are transformed and touched by the power of it. It is done by people who have done it many times before, and they too are touched by the power time and time again.
There's no end to the experience of the Medicine Wheel.

With the same intent but going even deeper we enter the Inipi, or Sweatlodge.
Here we come into the Dark to meet the Light.
As a group still each individual stands alone in the lodge.
The heat can be so severe that we would like to go out, but we stay to endure it, because of the love and light that lies behind the heat.
We want to come out of the lodge like newborn children of our Creator, coming from the woomb of our Mother Earth…

These are just a few examples of the power of Shamanism.
We took these examples from the North American Indian Brothers, but we can find Shamanism all over the world.
If you want to know more about this subject, search the web for Shamanism…

You can also enter any name of a tribe to find out more…Hopi, Apache, Lakota….Inuit, Hottentot, Maori, Aborigines…Papua, Mekaron…

Don't you forget about them, they have a lot of knowledge we have lost a long time ago.

Light and Peace,
Let us learn to hold the land in a peaceful way,
Tjeerd and José.

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